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How To Deal With Fluids Shortages
Useful tips on how to overcome the IV fluids shortages plaguing the veterinary community.

More Large-Volume Fluids Available
The FDA allows distribution of certain foreign products in the United States temporarily to help meet the need for 3-L to 5-L bags of fluids.

How to Punch Holes in 5 Liter Fluid Bags
The safe way!

Imagine if you will...

11pm ...15 pound dog high on amphetamines ... IV fluids required ... inside the cage is a never ending blur of spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning ... for six hours

Thank you, Flex Coil! Because we used the Flex-coil® Swivel System we didn't have to replace the IV line - not even one time. Not once and this dog was literally spinning at top speed for six hours! We were amazed! With a standard IV line we would have had to replace the line so many times I'm sure we would have run out of lines (and tolerance for this poor cute dog). This was our first experience with the Flex Coil System and the next day we ordered several more set-ups.

    Fear the spinner no more!
    Laura Betts, DVM
    Parkdale Animal Hospital

STAT Large Animal I.V. System



Take advantage of a FREE Webinar

Veterinary Fluid Therapy:
Basic Understanding & Practical Application

The webinar was designed particularly for veterinary technicians but will be valuable to all viewers. Test your knowledge by taking the related quiz. In conjunction with the webinar, a Chart to Calculate Patient Daily Fluid Needs is also available.

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